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AmpTek – Division of Amped2Play Content Creators

We are very proud to introduce our very own official content creators representing AmpTek.

Handpicked by amp_ZA they are talented, humble and very unique in their own way and fits the
AmpTek – Division of Amped2Play brand perfectly. Just like the AmpTek team they work hard
to achieve top results every time. In no particular order here they are:


When Eti walks into the room, does not matter what the vibe is, the people will always end up
having a good time while he is around, the same goes with his content. Always a good time
guaranteed like only Eti G can do it !

Youtube Page:


The retro collector in our community, very humble, massive love for gaming and serious video
editing skills. Expect great retro content that will take you on a road down memory lane like never
before. Ladies and gents this is RetrocollectZA !

Youtube Page:


The man with the brains and always something brilliant brewing up his sleeve for his
content be it awesome gaming, miniature painting, 3d printing or anything else really interesting
you will love to watch. Vellies, a interesting great all round guy !

Twitch Page:

DiLLzZ Gaming

One of our top shooter players in the Amped community, serious skill to bring many pvp enemies
to it’s knees. Call of Duty, Counterstrike and anything with guns and bullets, DiLLzZ will entertain.
Also part of the Amped2Play CS GO team you can expect brilliant shooter content.

Youtube Page:

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