About Us

Thanks for visiting our AMPTEK website and making the time to
view the about us section, this is who we are, what we are proud
about, what makes us different and what we aim to achieve.

AMPTEK. A one of a kind e-commerce tech website offering computer,
office, console, accessories, merchandise, consumables, 3D-printing and excellent
sales whilst giving the best client service and support available in a fast paced
industry where customer service is often lacking in ethics.

We will go the extra mile to make your experience with us as memorable
 as possible to establish a recurring relationship with you.

As many may know,
AMPTEK is backed by a well respected
tech and gaming community called Amped2Play.

AMPTEK. By the community leaders, for the community. We know what
we want, we know exactly what you want.

Amped2Play t/a AMPTEK

EST. 2020

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