Amped2Play Minecraft Servers – South Africa

On 2021/06/15 we launched our very own Amped2Play Minecraft server.

To get connected use the following server address:

We support Java Edition and Bedrock Edition on one platform!

Java Edition Connection Details:

Navigate to: Multiplayer->Add Server and do the following setup:

Server Name:


Bedrock Edition/Windows 10 Store/Xbox/iPhone Connection Details:

Navigate to: Play->Servers Tab->Add Server and do the following setup:

Server Name:


Bedrock Edition/PS4 Connection Details:

Before you start: Make sure your android device is connected to the same network as your console or device you want to play Minecraft on.

Step 1 – Download MC Server Connector from google play store your phone

Step 2 – Open MC Server Connecter and the following setup

Server Ip:

Server Port:19132

Step 3: Open Minecraft on your PS4 and navigate to Play->Friends Tab. You should see the Minecraft Server

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